Fata Bestari Holdings are known as Fata Bestari Resources. Established in 2010. It started operating as a small Bumiputra contractor company. The first office is within Bandar Country Homes, Rawang.

In 2015, Fata Bestari Holdings has become a Private Limited Company and started operating fully in Saujana Rawang’s shop lot area. As a bumiputra contractor company, we have received attention from the Malay community, individuals or traders.

We also offer renovation services using gypsum board, cctv installation, door access, alarm system, air-conditioner installation, vinyl floor installation, carpet installation, plaster ceiling installation, shopfront glass, glass door, wiring and so on throughout Selangor and Klang Valley.

‚ÄčOur projects illustrate our skills in combining aesthetic and operation requirements to create the harmonious and complete results our clients expect. We proudly set the standards of excellence in implementation.

We serve customers according to their budget. We care about value quality, customer satisfaction, work -in-depth, cleanliness and speed in accomplishing tasks well within the prescribed time.


Become a successful bumiputra company and has a large number of trained customers and employees with a G7 contractor license by 2020.

Ensuring the company is recognized internationally as well as winning various excellent awards at the Selangor state level especially.

Founded by Ahmad in 2015, Fata Bestari has established itself as one of the greatest and prestigious providers of construction focused interior renovation services and building. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Our construction Services is a multi-task company specializing in the following core areas:


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